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It all started with "love" for the "love" one.

What make "Cordythai" special?

Around mid-June of 2012 we had got a terrible news that our grandmother was diagnosed with a stage-4 colon cancer.  The tumor was 8 centimeters long.  One of her options was to surgically remove the tumor and undergo rehabilitation.  We thought that the recovery from surgical would be the hardest for her, but that wasn’t the worse thing.  About a month after the surgery, a doctor had found that the cancerous cells had spread from colon to liver and gave us less than 6 months to prepare for her final moments of peace.  However, she decided to keep fighting with Chemotherapy.

During this time, my mother, Associate Prof. Dr. Monchan Maketon (Head of Zoology Department at the Kasetsart University, Thailand), whom had been dedicating her research to entomopathogenic fungi (Insect-eating fungi) for the use of biological control in the past 20 years, had put other fungi researches on hold and focused entirely on Cordyceps Sinensis due to its renowned anti-cancer medicinal property.  
After chemotherapy, like the majority of cancer patients, my grandma had severe side effects.  The pain was so excruciating that after enduring through two months of treatments, she refused to go on any further.  It was only a week after she stopped the treatment that my mom was able to cultivate C. Sinensis on a protein rich liquid broth inside the air conditioned room.  The very first culture yielded about 0.43 mg/mL cordycepin (measured by HPLC) after an extraction using hot water.  Many publications/researches suggested that cordycepin plays a major role in anti-cancer activity, therefore, mom decided to use quantity of cordycepin as a benchmark in identifying the efficiency in cultivation and extraction processes.

How Cordythai helps you?

Using the simplest extraction process by boiling C. Sinensis in hot water and making a cup of tea, mom served grandma three cups a day before each meal (empty stomach for better absorption).  That was equivalent to roughly 10mg of cordycepin per day.  About a month into this routine, grandma’s nails, which were darkened and damaged from chemotherapy, showed noticeably sign of recovery.  Not only that, she was able to walk around and even do light exercises.  The pain had subsided and appetite had returned.  It was the best outcome we could have hoped for to not see her suffer.

To be frugal, after a cup of tea was made for grandma, mom boiled C. Sinensis again (2nd extraction) and split this cup with my dad and me.  Just because…waste not, right?  Something remarkable happened, my dad felt more well rested.  He noticed he only had to get up once in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom compared to 3-4 times prior to the tea routine.  From researching the medicinal beneficiary of C. Sinensis further in depth, we later found that it is one of the potential remedies for frequent urination, which could be a sign of kidney problem with aged.    
That was the beginning of “CORDYTHAI”.


More researches and efforts have been put into developing the products that are consistent in quality (high cordycepin yield, safe (guaranty no heavy metal), easy to consume (no boiling a cup of tea!), and affordable (very expensive in nature).
It’s special!  Because we tested it!  We gradually learned how it works!  We have been consuming it for 3 years and we can say for sure that it’s safe!
It’s special! Because we test it! We gradually learn  how it works! We have been consuming for 3 years and we can say for sure that it’s safe!

Does it work for anyone beside our family?

Under the collaborations between CORDYBIOTECH and Kasetsart University (Thailand’s top 5 university), we obtained Thai-FDA approval and registered food supplement products under the name CORDYTHAI “FOR HIM” and “FOR HER” (C. Sinensis extract capsule).  We are proud to say that part of the revenue goes to Kasetsart University to help fund future researches and projects crucial to next generation’s technology.

We are very fortunate to have more than 5,000 loyal customers and many, unsolicited, have help provided feedback after taking CORDYTHAI regularly. 
The feed backs are listed below: